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Our Clients safety is our first priority
Our Mission is to make Mount Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa


1.Helicopter Evacuations

Kilimanjaro Helicopter Evacuation

We are using specialised Airbus AS 350 B3 helicopters, positioned at Moshi Airport in Tanzania. It’s the ideal location for high altitude search and rescue operations for Mt Kilimanjaro. Our team is highly experienced and we have a perfect safety record.

2.High altitude medical clinic

Committed to save lives, we have featured the ONLY High Altitude Medical Clinic in the whole of Africa in treating altitude sickness patients at a top level making sure everyone is safe. We hope this reaffirms our competence to you.

3.Pre/post medical consultation

Want to know if you are fit enough to climb or need to feel at ease when catching that plane back home? We offer International level medical consultation before or after a climb services to give you surety of your health status

4.Doctor’s on duty

A unique and extraordinary way to provide you with the best health care on your adventure to stand on the roof of Africa. Give yourself a peace of mind by having a doctor to accompany you when hiking Kilimanjaro. Our doctors on duty are mountaineers with years of experience on climbing Mountains all over the world, capable enough to take control upon emergencies on the Mountain. Book yourself a doctor at least 2 months in advance and get an assurance of standing on the highest point of Africa, to witness the stunning beauty of nature.



Award yourself a magnificent “bird’s-eye” view of nature in an exclusive and luxurious

scenic flight,  taking  you  from  Moshi/KIA  airport  just  to  get  you  exposed  to  the  wonders  of  nature. Witness  a  breathtaking  view  of  the  glacier  flow  on  the  majestic Kilimanjaro  or  fly  over  the famous Serengeti and get mesmerized by the abundance of wildlife. Appreciate the beauty of a soda lake at the base of active Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, lake Natron, filled with thousands of flamingos. The choice is all yours, because we are here to feed your adventure anxiety.

Travel Insurance Policy Requirements

To be sure your insurance would cover you for a helicopter rescue, check your travel insurance policy includes evacuation up to 6,000 meters above sea level and any medical treatment associated with such an evacuation.

Some types of travel insurance aren’t suitable for this type of evacuation because they only cover evacuation after pre-approval. In most cases, that’s not feasible because the pre-approval process requires a consultation with a doctor and it’s unlikely a doctor will be present in the vicinity of an emergency on Mount Kilimanjaro.

In a true emergency evacuation scenario, ND’s emergency protocols closely follow the WFR protocols that we’re trained and certified to action, and an evacuation without a helicopter option has been the norm. Now with a helicopter option, in certain scenarios, it could be a life-saving option. Likewise, in that scenario, it could be potentially fatal to delay the rescue while seeking approval from a travel insurance company. Even if the climber has a non-life-threatening injury, such as a broken arm or leg, they could be subjected to a long, painful and uncertain waiting period while someone at the insurance company assesses and finally approves their evacuation.

Before paying for any travel insurance, check the policy will cover you for evacuation up to 6,000 meters above sea level without any approval required or delay.So choosing the right travel insurance is crucial if you want peace of mind.

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