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Covid-19 update: Tanzania has standard operating procedures in place to contain the virus and ensure your maximum safety. Some airlines have already resumed international flights and we can plan the entire trip for you. Tanzania welcomes you again!

Our Updated Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

While Covid-19 has thoroughly rained on our 2020 travel parade, we like to believe that no matter how dark the storm clouds get, there’s always a silver lining to be found! Seeing as we’re unable to travel right now, this is the perfect time to plan for when we can.

We at Sirikwa Travel, we will continue to look to tourism as the force that uplifts Tanzania’s poorest communities and protects her wildlife.

Tourism not only enriches the lives of our incredible guests, but supports millions of livelihoods across our continent. As such, we at Sirikwa Travel are committed to redoubling our efforts, to ensure we help maintain decades of conservation, by encouraging guests to pick Africa as their holiday destination of choice.

To support these efforts, during this uncertain time, we have amended our standard terms and conditions to provide our clients with additional certainty around their future travel, allowing added benefit, should clients be directly impacted by Covid-19.

COVID-19 Revised Refund Policy

If your flight is canceled due to COVID-19, or you yourself test positive for COVID-19 less than 21 days before your departure; we will provide a refund in full. Proof of flight termination or positive COVID-19 test must be provided. Any circumstances other than those above will fall back to the default Sirikwa Travel “Refund and Cancellation Policy”.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If booking is cancelled and communicated to Sirikwa Travel:
61 days prior to day of arrival at destination,
You will receive a full refund — there is no cancellation fee and money provided to Sirikwa Travel will be returned within sixty (60) days of the cancellation.

30 to 60 days prior to departure,
You will receive a 70% refund.

14 to 29 days prior to departure,
You will receive a 40% refund.

13 days or fewer prior to departure,
You will receive no refund and all outstanding payment will become due and payable immediately.

Payment Plan(s)

If booking more than sixty days (>60) in advance, 20% downpayment is required.
If booking less than sixty (<60) days before departure, payment must be made in full.

“No Shows”

Please note that we offer no refunds or any type of reimbursement for “no-shows”, or any extra costs due to the nature of a “no-show”. If you or your party arrived on the wrong date, arrived at the wrong pick-up point or for any other reason do not show up to join the tour our policy offers 0% refunds. At Sirikwa Travel, we will do our best to guide and help you to your destination; however, it’s solely your responsibility to arrive at the respective tour departure date and location outlined in your booking.

Over the years many of us have become complacent when it comes to travel insurance in protecting our holiday investments. While we recognize all travel insurance is limited in respect to coverage for Covid-19, we have adjusted our standard terms and conditions accordingly, to provide our guests coverage. Sufficient travel insurance cover for cancellations or medical emergencies is absolutely essential in fully protecting your holiday investment. Regrettably, we are not permitted to offer travel insurance directly. However, we have done the research on your behalf and have excellent recommendations for you, including “any reason” cancellation protection.

These include:

For comprehensive insurance, we recommend that you speak to your local insurance broker. Alternatively, we have had very positive feedback from clients who utilized the following services:


2] Trip Mate

3] USA-Assist

4] Global Rescue

Please reach out to your Travel Expert who will gladly assist you in choosing the right cover for your travel.

We at Sirikwa Travel, We are looking forward to welcoming people back to Tanzania again.